28 November, Monday is 🔴 National Red Planet Day

A day to celebrate and learn more about the Red Planet – Mars. The planet is called so because it appears red in color.

Which Planet has the largest volcano and highest known mountain in the Solar System?


How long does it take Mars to orbit the Sun?

687 Days.

 Does Mars have seasons?

Yes. Like Earth, Mars has four seasons.

Does Mars have rings?

Currently no.

Does mars have a magnetic field?

Yes, Mars has a very weak magnetic field.

When was Mars discovered?

The first telescopic observation of Mars was by Galileo Galilei in 1610.

How hot does it get on Mars?

Maximum recorded temperature at Mars is about +70 degrees F.

How cold does it get on Mars?

Mars is very cold planet. Its temperature can get down to as low as nearly minus 200 degrees F.

Does Mars have an atmosphere?

Yes. The Red Planet’s atmosphere contains more than 95% carbon dioxide and much less than 1% oxygen.

When will humans go to Mars?

NASA is recruiting to send humans to Mars as soon as 2037.

How old is Mars?

4.603 billion years old.

How many miles is Mars from earth?

51.496 million mi

What is Mars made of?

Iron, nickel, and sulfur.

Is there oxygen on Mars?

Mars Oxygen is only 0.13%, compared with 21% in Earth’s atmosphere.

How long is a year on Mars?

687 days.

What does Mars look like?

Mars surface is rocky, with canyons, volcanoes, dry lake beds and craters all over it. Red dust covers most of its surface.

How far is Mars from the Sun?

246.63 million km.

How big is Mars?

With a 2,106 miles (3,390 kilometers) radius, Mars is about half the size of Earth.

Why is Mars red?

The Red Planet’s color is from regolith, or surface material, contains lots of iron oxide.

Does life exist on Mars?

No proof of past or present life has been found on Mars to date.

How many moons does Mars have?

2 (two)

How long does it take to get to Mars?

According to NASA officials, the trip to mars takes about seven months.