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How did grange help farmers

How did grange help farmers

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5 Answers

  1. The Grange, also known as the Patrons of Husbandry, was an organization formed in 1867 to help protect the rights of farmers and improve their economic and social wellbeing. Its main goals were to promote the interests of farmers, fight restrictive transportation and grain-handling laws, and improve the quality of farm products. To achieve these goals, the Grange provided members with education on farming and other issues, advocated for farmers in state legislatures, and helped build rural communities. Grange members also shared resources and worked together to purchase supplies like seed and equipment in bulk, which allowed them to save money.


    The Grange was an important organization in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that greatly helped improve the lives of farmers in the United States. It worked to protect the rights of farmers and improve their economic and social wellbeing by advocating for farmers in state legislatures, providing educational opportunities, and helping build rural communities. By working together, Grange members were able to save money on supplies like seed and equipment, which was a major benefit for farmers.

    The Grange also promoted other initiatives that were beneficial to rural life, such as encouraging the development of schools, libraries, and hospitals; encouraging farmers to use modern methods of farming; and promoting the development of new farm products and markets. These initiatives had a lasting positive impact on rural life, and helped farmers become more successful and prosperous.

    The decline of the Grange in the early 1900s had an unfortunate effect on rural communities, as it meant that farmers no longer had the same kind of support and protection as before. This led to a decline in the rural economy, as farmers struggled to make ends meet without the resources and support that the Grange had provided.

    The importance of the Grange is still felt today. Its legacy is still seen in the strong rural communities that it helped to build, and in the increased economic and social wellbeing of farmers. Its impact on the development of rural life in the United States was significant, and its contributions are still remembered and appreciated.

  2. It gave farmers a way to organize for more political power


  3. In the 1800s, the Grange helped farmers get organized in
    relation to their crops. The Grange helped farmers figure out what
    crops they needed to grow and when to grow certain crops so they
    would get the best prices.

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