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Homework Help Staff

The summary of instant justice by tewfik al-hakim

The summary of instant justice by tewfik al-hakim

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2 Answers

  1. Instant Justice by Tewfik Al-Hakim is a collection of short stories set in 1930s Egypt. It follows the everyday struggles of the people living in an oppressive regime, as well as the efforts of those who are attempting to fight against it. The main themes include justice, oppression, freedom, and resilience. The stories are told from multiple perspectives and use a mix of magical realism and social realism to highlight the difficult realities of life for many Egyptians at the time.


    The answer given above shows how Tewfik Al-Hakim used themes such as justice, oppression, freedom, and resilience to depict the everyday struggles of Egyptians during the 1930s. These themes are still relevant today, as they highlight the power dynamics between those in positions of authority and the people they are governing.

    The use of both magical realism and social realism in the novel also helps to emphasize the struggles of everyday people in oppressive regimes, as well as their attempts to fight back. Magical realism allows the reader to see a world where the impossible is possible, while social realism brings to light the harsh realities of life. Together, they create a powerful narrative that brings attention to issues of injustice and oppression.

    The student should understand that the themes and literary techniques used in the novel are still relevant today. They can be used to help people understand and think critically about the power structures that exist in society and how those structures can be challenged. It is also important to understand how literature can be used to bring attention to social issues and to create a space for dialogue about these issues.

  2. Tawfik Al-Hakim was an Egyptian play writer. He wrote many
    plays, however he did not write one called Instant Justice.

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