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Homework Help Staff

What did the homestead strike show

What did the homestead strike show

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6 Answers

  1. The Homestead Strike of 1892 was a major labor dispute between the Carnegie Steel Company and union workers. The strike was a result of the company’s decision to reduce wages and increase working hours, leading to a lockout of the union workers. The strike became violent as the workers and the state militia clashed, resulting in the deaths of seven people. Ultimately, the strike was unsuccessful in achieving the union’s demands and Carnegie Steel Company was able to keep its wages and working hours unchanged.


    The Homestead Strike of 1892 is an important event in American labor history. It was an important moment in the struggle of unions to protect workers’ rights and secure better working conditions. The failure of the strike was a major setback for organized labor and showed that employers like Carnegie Steel had the power to impose their will over union workers.

    The Homestead Strike also had wider implications for labor rights and the future of union activity. It showed that employers had the power to break unions and impose their will on workers. This had a chilling effect on labor rights, as employers became more determined to keep unions from forming or becoming too powerful.

    The Homestead Strike ultimately showed that unions had to become more powerful in order to effectively negotiate with employers and improve workers’ rights. This led to the development of stronger labor organizations and efforts to pass laws protecting workers’ rights. Today, unions continue to play an important role in protecting workers’ rights and advocating for better wages and working conditions.

  2. That strikes could turn violent, and military intervention was possible – APEX

  3. The Homestead Strike showed that strikes could turn violent and
    that military intervention was possible.

    That government usually sided with business owners

    That government was willing to use force to end strikes

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