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Homework Help Staff

What does a colony usually provide for its ruling country

What does a colony usually provide for its ruling country

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9 Answers

  1. A colony usually provides its ruling country with a variety of benefits. These benefits may include resources such as food, minerals, and other raw materials, a source of labor, and a market for the ruling country’s goods. Colonies may also provide strategic advantages such as military bases, ports, and access to new trade routes.


    The answer given above outlines the primary benefits that a colony can provide to its ruling country. It is important to understand these benefits in order to appreciate the consequences of colonialism. By understanding the benefits gained by the ruling country, it is easier to understand why certain colonial powers were so eager to expand their empires and why they were willing to take extreme measures to maintain control over their colonies.

    The answer also discusses the consequences of colonialism, which is an important topic to explore. The displacement of native populations and the disruption of traditional economies and cultures have had lasting impacts on many societies. The subjugation of indigenous populations has also led to discrimination, exploitation, and conflict. Understanding the consequences of colonialism is essential for understanding the history of colonialism and its ongoing impacts.

  2. a market for finished goods

    Inexpensive labor

    raw materials

    just got it right so yeaaa!! YW!!

  3. Cheap Labor , A market for finished goods

    – apex

    these are the right answers I just did this question

  4. Correct answer: Cheap labor and raw materials

    Wrong answer: finished goods and a market for raw materials

  5. Colonies historically provided new raw materials and lands for
    development, and cheaper labor. They also provided a market for
    finished goods and tools.

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