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What is advantage and disadvantage of edsa revolution

What is advantage and disadvantage of edsa revolution

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3 Answers

  1. The EDSA Revolution, also known as the People Power Revolution, was a successful civil resistance movement in the Philippines in 1986. The revolution overthrew the authoritarian government of President Ferdinand Marcos and his regime. The main advantage of this revolution was that it brought an end to the Marcos regime and restored democracy in the Philippines. The main disadvantage was the violence and disruption it caused, and the damage it did to the country’s economy.


    The EDSA Revolution was a crucial event in Philippine history for many reasons. It ended the authoritarian regime of President Marcos and restored democracy in the country. It also led to the adoption of a new constitution in 1987, which established a presidential form of government and a bicameral legislature, as well as an independent Commission on Elections to ensure free and fair elections.

    The EDSA Revolution also had a major impact on civil society. It led to the emergence of a vibrant civil society movement that has been active in advocating for the rights of the Filipino people. This has been especially important for marginalized and minority groups, who have been able to have their voices heard in the political process for the first time.

    The EDSA Revolution also had a major economic impact. The Marcos regime’s mismanagement of the economy caused a great deal of damage, and the revolution’s aftermath saw an economic recovery. This recovery was helped by the establishment of a more transparent and democratic government, as well as the introduction of economic policies that encouraged private investment and economic growth.

    Overall, the EDSA Revolution is an important event in Philippine history for many reasons. It ended an oppressive regime, restored democracy, and led to the emergence of a vibrant civil society movement. It also had a major economic impact, helping the country to recover from the economic damage caused by the Marcos regime.

  2. Pros and Cons of EDSA Revolution Brought Out In This Days

    EDSA ‘People Power’ Revolution has been a historical event that astounded many countries for being an effective rally to suppress the Former President Ferdinad Marcos’s dictatorship for about 20 years. The non-violent, passive resistance of Filipinos attained praises overnight. As this bloodless revolution succeeded, the Marcos regime has finally ended. However, its aftermath remains intact in our lives.

    First, it is undeniably a great opportunity to taste democracy again out of that ever-constrictive type of government system Philippines has ever brought, and with the administration of Ferdinand Marcos in that case. And though as how dictatorial leadership has its bad outcome, mostly due to inevitable abuse of power, too much freedom sometimes also causes a lot of conflicts. Have we learned that after having achieved democracy, we have been in a state of utopia? We thought everything would be perfect, we aspired that everything will change and go back to its rightful place, nothing entered our minds except fantasizing and imagining that this kind of government policy is the best. But this mindset is just as absurd as it is! Have we not observed that as soon as Marcos dictatorship ended, Filipinos became dumber? We must not deny this because many of us aren’t well-read compared to those previous years. Educational institutions are freaked out thinking on how to teach students in a more effective way.

    And what’s even worse is how corrupt politicians began to get larger in number, the rise of the reds or communists mutiny is undoubtedly out of control!

    Nevertheless, it was exceptionally a smart move. Who would have thought that it would succeed? And so that’s why it was a well-known revolution that draw the attention of many countries with the fact that nobody died in the process. There is no great loss of lives, so those 20 million participants didn’t even shed a blood, with also the fact that they are just holding rosaries! That was probably a tearful event if I had personally witnessed it myself.

    On the other hand, it is a sigh of relief that our country’s debts started to decrease as the tyranny were gone for good. But yet again, until today the country’s still struggling to pay the debt incurred by Marcos administration. This has given us a big headache.

  3. The greatest advantage was the re-establishment of a democratic
    society and constitution. It had the unfortunate disadvantage of
    loss of human life in the process.

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