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Homework Help Staff

What was Robert flemming jr education

What was Robert flemming jr education

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2 Answers

  1. Robert Flemming Jr. was a self-taught entrepreneur and investor. He was born in a rural area of Georgia and had little formal education. After moving to Atlanta, he worked hard to further his own education through self-study and networking.


    The answer above highlights the importance of self-education and networking. It shows that even with limited formal education, it is possible to be successful. Robert Flemming Jr. was able to further his education by studying on his own and networking with people in the business world. This is important for students to understand, as it shows that hard work, dedication, and ambition can help them achieve their goals, regardless of their starting point.

    It is also important to understand the implications of Robert Flemming Jr.’s story. He was able to succeed in a business world that is often dominated by those with formal education. This shows that it is possible to overcome the odds and be successful without a traditional education.

    Related topics that could be discussed include the importance of self-education, the power of networking, and the advantages of learning outside of the classroom. These are all important topics for secondary school students to understand as they prepare for their future.

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