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Homework Help Staff

What was the goal of the national grange

What was the goal of the national grange

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2 Answers

  1. The goal of the National Grange was to promote the economic and political interests of American farmers, especially in areas of cooperatives, transport, and communications. It was founded in 1867 and was the first national organization for American farmers.


    The National Grange was an important part of American history and had a major impact on the lives of farmers. The Grange provided farmers with access to educational opportunities and supported the improvement of transportation infrastructure and communication. This allowed farmers to become more productive and successful in their businesses.

    The work of the National Grange also had an impact on the economy of the nation. By promoting cooperatives and helping farmers form buying and selling associations, the National Grange helped to create a more stable and prosperous economy.

    The impact of the National Grange is still seen today in the form of programs that protect the rights of farmers and help them to be successful. The National Grange is also remembered for helping to build a strong and vibrant rural economy.

  2. to improve farmers living standards.


    Guodong Gu

    lol complete sentence?

    Give communities a place to meet and organize farmers to demand political change♪

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