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Homework Help Staff

When should you question a source’s credibility

When should you question a source’s credibility

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2 Answers

  1. You should question a source’s credibility whenever you think it might be biased or contain incorrect information. It is important to assess the source’s accuracy, objectivity, and authority. Consider the author’s credentials, the publisher, and the purpose of the source. In some cases, the source may be unreliable if it contains factual errors, is biased, or has been published by a questionable source.


    The answer given above is important because it explains how to assess a source’s credibility. In the academic world, it is important to use reliable sources when researching and writing papers. If a source is unreliable or biased, it could lead to incorrect information or conclusions.

    In addition to assessing a source’s accuracy, objectivity, and authority, it is important to consider the author’s credentials and the publisher. The date the source was published is also important, as older sources may no longer be relevant. It is also important to look out for sources that have a clear bias or political agenda.

    The implications of failing to assess a source’s credibility are significant. If a researcher or student uses unreliable sources, they may draw incorrect conclusions or misunderstand the material. This can lead to inaccurate interpretations and misrepresentations of the material. The credibility of their work can also be called into question.

  2. When you cannot find any other sources that supports its arguments.

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