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Homework Help Staff

Which was true of race relations in the north

Which was true of race relations in the north

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4 Answers

  1. Race relations in the north were often complex and varied. While the north was generally more tolerant of African Americans, there were still many forms of discrimination and segregation. In addition, some states in the north had laws that limited African Americans’ rights in certain ways.


    The answer given above is important, as it shows the complexity of race relations in the north and highlights the various forms of discrimination, segregation, and limitations on rights that African Americans experienced in the north. This is an important part of understanding U.S. history and the legacy of racism in the country.

    In addition to the answer given above, it is important to discuss other topics related to race relations in the north, such as the role of anti-racist organizations and activists in fighting against discrimination and segregation, and the long-term effects of racism in the north.

    The implications or consequences of the answer given above are that African Americans in the north faced a variety of forms of discrimination and segregation, which impacted their lives in significant ways. This resulted in unequal access to opportunities and resources, and hindered their ability to fully participate in society and achieve their full potential. It also had long-lasting effects on subsequent generations of African Americans in the north.

  2. Although segregation was illegal, it was still practiced.
    Northern cities went by custom not by laws.

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