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Homework Help Staff

Who is a famous person with x in their name

Who is a famous person with x in their name

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2 Answers

  1. A famous person with ‘x’ in their name is Alexander the Great.


    Alexander the Great was an incredibly influential figure in history, and his legacy still affects the world today. His conquests, military genius, and influence on culture and politics helped shape the political landscape of the ancient world. His influence can still be seen in the modern world, from the spread of Greek culture and language to the formation of large, powerful empires.

    The answer also provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of understanding the history of the ancient world and its influence on the modern world. Studying the history of Alexander the Great can help students understand the impact of political and military decisions on the shaping of the world and the consequences of those decisions. It can also help students understand the importance of recognizing power dynamics, understanding culture and language, and developing a sense of global citizenship.

    • Kim Alexis, super model
    • Alex Rodriguiz, one of the highest payed athletes ever! (baseball star)
    • Alex Tribek, Game show host
    • Max McGee, Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer, player and announcer
    • Jason Alexander, actor, aka George in Seinfeld
    • Maxine Waters, US Congresswoman
    • Jim Fixx, author (deseased) wrote one of the first books about running
    • Meridith Baxter Bierny, TV series Family Ties
    • Alexis Bittar, jewelry designer
    • Maxine Nightendale, singer, had a hit during the disco era
    • Courtney Cox, actress, aka Monica from “Friends”
    • Laynce Nix, Washington Nationals pro baseball player

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