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Homework Help Staff

Why do you think there was no constitution in early times

Why do you think there was no constitution in early times

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2 Answers

  1. In early times, constitutions were not commonly used because governments were often ruled by monarchs or other rulers who made laws without consulting the people. Additionally, without the widespread use of literacy, it was difficult to communicate information to the public, and to create a document that could be understood by all. As governments evolved to be more democratic, constitutions became more common as a way to protect citizens’ rights and liberties.


    The answer given above explains why constitutions were not commonly used in early times. This is important to understand because it helps us to appreciate how important constitutions are today in protecting our rights and liberties. It also helps us to understand why the U.S. Constitution is so important, as it was designed to provide a framework for the US government and to protect the rights and liberties of its citizens.

    The US Constitution is also important because it is the basis for the federal system of government. This means that the US is divided into individual states, each with their own laws and governments. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and guides all of the states on how to govern.

    Finally, the US Constitution is important because it has been amended over the years to reflect changes in society, such as the abolition of slavery, the granting of voting rights to women and minorities, and the granting of rights to people regardless of sexual orientation. The US Constitution is a living document that evolves over time and serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting the rights of all citizens.

  2. In very early times, leadership was basically determined by who
    had the biggest muscles, and whatever the boss said, that was what

    After that most governments were absolute monarchies of some
    description, where it was generally accepted that the king had
    absolute power, and oftentimes it was believed that he was some
    kind of divine ruler with a god-given right to rule. In general,
    the concept of limiting the government’s power was generally not
    one that was considered- that just wasn’t how it went.

    Later on, people eventually started to question this system, and
    many people demanded that the government respect the rights and
    freedoms of its citizens. Sometimes this happened because a
    government got too harsh and the people got upset, but oftentimes
    the initial impetus came from powerful nobles who didn’t want the
    government to limit their own power (as was the case in England).
    Eventually this started to result in formalised constitutions and
    more democratic governments, which over time ceded more and more
    power to the people.

    The USA is a rare example of a democratic constitution that was
    installed through violent revolution and still remained very
    democratic thereafter. Most democratic constitutions evolved

    Tribal chiefs held the courts..the norms were known to all.

    Then there was always a religion to support a regime which
    outlined codes

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