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Why wouldn’t the fruitarian diet be an ally for health?

The fruitarian, or fruit, diet is a highly restrictive vegan diet. It excludes all animal products, including dairy. People following this program eat a diet consisting primarily of raw fruits. Vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds can also be eaten in moderation.

Why wouldn’t the fruitarian diet be an ally for health?

And is that right? or not?

6 Answers

  1. It’s definitely not healthy to eat only fruit.  Your body would be lacking key vitamins and minerals leading to malnutrition.

  2. It would make more sense to go for a mushroomarian diet and eat sweet fruits as occasional snacks. You get more protein and complex carbohydrates when you emphasize mushrooms, nuts, beans, etc over sweet fruits. That way, you can build muscle if you wanted to while preventing them darn, pesky, unwanted blood sugar spikes.

  3. While being fruititarian/vegetarian at least prevents scurvy and other diseases, humans shouldn’t do that. Unlike Orangutans (they can eat meat, but they mostly eat plants) and Gorillas (they eat bugs so they have some carnivorous tendencies), humans are Omnivores. Oranguatans can graze all day and not run out of energy due to how little energy they use. Humans need fresh meat as part of their diet for energy and their brain. Plus meat gives us protein to rebuild muscles and other organs.

  4. Because it is not balanced. In some cultures, it is followed for a day or two during fasting. The reason is to give the digestive system a break and reset it. It is a temporary solution not a permanent one. A balanced diet should have carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. A fruit diet can only provide for minerals, not even vitamins, so it is not something that should be a part of regular diet.

  5. It hasn\’t been proven to be negative, but it\’s also got some problems. Mainly, it can be difficult to get an adequate number of calories on such a diet, particularly if you don\’t eat any dried fruit. I don\’t think it\’s been conclusively proven to be bad for diabetes or promote weight gain, as some people seem to be claiming here. (Lots of people have the misconception that sugar and carbs promote weight gain regardless of the specific form they come in, but there\’s very little reason to think this. There are also examples of diabetics who have seemed to thrive on a heavy fruit diet.)

    I think it\’s better to eat a more balanced whole food plant based diet, ultimately. Cooked starches are probably the main key to our extreme proliferation as a species.

  6. No single food or single food group gives the human body all the nutrients it requires to function well and be optimally healthy.

    Fruit is pretty much just sugar: fructose, or fruit sugar, the simplest form of carbohydrate.

    The human body needs carbs but it ALSO needs protein and fat. Fruits do not supply the protein or the fat we need to be healthy.

    If you ONLY eat fruit (and even if you drink a sufficient amount of water as well) you will die of malnutrition.

    That’s why.

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